fire friendly

The Perfect Fire Friendly Gifts for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and it's the perfect time to show your loved one how much you care about them -- with some fire friendly gifts. Rather than buying the cliche chocolates and roses, you should invest in a gift that will keep on giving. Fire Friendly…
kitchen fire safety

Kitchen Fire Safety in the Office

If you work in an office, then you should know how important kitchen fire safety is. According to the NFPA, more than one fifth of office fires start in the kitchen. The main cause for kitchen fires is cooking equipment. That's why it's vital to make sure your office staff…
fire safety brochure

Fire Safety Brochure

Fire Safety Brochure Since 1960, Frontier Fire has been the leader in fire protection and fire safety systems.?Check out our fire safety brochure for more information?on our services and locations. Download the Brochure
Fire Safety for Preschoolers

Fire Safety for Preschoolers

Fire safety for preschoolers is an important subject that should be taught in every school. Because a huge part of fire protection involves following the proper safety procedures, every child should have access to a lesson plan that teaches them fire safety tips and steps to take in an emergency.…
fire extinguisher classes

What Fire Extinguisher Classes Will Teach You

Fire extinguisher classes and trainings are an essential part of fire safety. A fire can start at any point and devastate the lives of many. Because fires can lead to anything from property damage and loss of revenue to injuries and fatalities, it's always best to prepare before one occurs.…
flammable materials

Fire Safety Tips for Flammable Materials

Flammable materials can easily ignite when they come in contact with fire or high temperatures. That's why if you handle flammable substances often in your line of business, it's important to be very careful. Just by having flammable items in your building, you increase the chance of starting a fire.…
high rise building fire safety

High Rise Building Fire Safety

High rise building fire safety is extremely important because there's a greater risk involved. There are more challenges when it comes to a fire in a high rise building because it's harder to evacuate the building and get to safety, especially for the higher floors. Plus there's generally less accessibility…
fire evacuation plan

Does My Company Need a Fire Evacuation Plan?

Every company should have a fire evacuation plan in order. Because nobody expects a fire or emergency situation to happen to them, especially while at work, it can come as a surprise and cause even more damage that it would if people were prepared. This is because a fire can…
data center fire

How to Avoid a Data Center Fire

If you experience a data center fire, your business could go down for a few days or weeks to recover from it. Not to mention, if your data isn't backed up on the cloud or somewhere safe, then you could lose valuable information that's irretrievable. The best thing you can…
how do I set up a fire drill for my business

How Do I Set Up a Fire Drill for My Business?

"How do I set up a fire drill for my business?" is a question that every business owner should ask. A fire drill will ensure people know how to properly and safely exit the building during an emergency situation. Frontier Fire suggests to conduct at least one fire drill per…