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Fire Alarm Services & Systems

Frontier Fire provides fire alarm system design, installation, inspection, maintenance, and emergency response for both standard and special hazard facilities. As a leader in Colorado protection systems for more than five decades, we have become the preferred full service fire alarm services provider of the top builders in the region.

Protecting lives and property is our mission. To ensure that our clients always have the highest level of fire protection, we offer a comprehensive package of services that covers the entire life of an alarm system, from concept to installation to inspections, maintenance, and emergency response.


Successful integration of a fire alarm system into a facility often requires collaboration with general contractors, property owners, and architects. Our technical and managerial expertise helps us seamlessly work hand-in-hand with other teams toward the goal of safe and cost-effective system installation without interference to building functionality or aesthetics.

Fire Alarm Design Services

To provide smooth integration of systems into a facility, we have NICET certified designers on staff who review all plans before installation begins. Our seamless concept-to-integration process guarantees efficient, worry-free installation of systems for new or retrofit design projects.

Inspection and Testing

Frontier Fire’s Annual testing is an essential part of alarm system maintenance. Our highly trained technicians provide in-depth inspections to verify that alarms are code compliant and able to operate as designed. Any issues or recommended repairs will be detailed in our inspection report.

Frontier Fire uses ScanSeries, made by BuildingReports, to test and inspect fire alarm systems. BuildingReports is the most trusted inspection solution in the world and the leader in web-based inspection reporting.

BuildingReports is used to retrieve reports from anywhere via a web-based system, send and authorize repairs within a report, view NFPA and other industry codes and standards, and track an inspector’s progress during an inspection. This all-in-one system ensures our inspectors are prepared and properly documenting everything during a fire alarm inspection service.


Keeping up with maintenance is just as important as executing a seamless installation of a fire alarm system. Our trained technicians provide preventative maintenance to keep your systems running reliably. If any problems ever occur, we will respond promptly to restore your alarms to optimal condition.

Systems Critical Monitoring

We provide telephone-based or wireless monitoring systems, depending on the unique needs of our commercial, industrial, and residential clients. Should a fire occur, our monitoring services ensure that you have a swift and effective response to crisis 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round. As soon an alarm is triggered, we alert all emergency response agencies (fire, ambulance, police, etc.) as well as the facility’s designated contacts.

Special Hazards

Our team has the experience and expertise necessary to provide high-hazard facilities with all the fire protection services they need. Chemical plants, power plants, hazardous materials facilities — we deliver custom solutions that fit the unique needs of high-risk buildings.

From design and installation to inspection and maintenance, we are the only company you need for a code compliant, cost-effective and reliable solution for fire protection. Contact Frontier Fire today to discuss your fire alarm system needs.

Ansul Distributor

Frontier Fire is an authorized distributor of ANSUL products. ANSUL is the leader in hazard fire protection devices and they distribute their products to over 1000 fire protection professionals worldwide.

The ANSUL product line includes fire detection and suppression devices that are made according to strict standards. Plus all of the fire suppression products use clouds and chemicals rather than water, in order to avoid electrical damage, or damage to other high value property.

Now that Frontier Fire is an authorized and trained ANSUL distributor, we can work to further protect our clients with the best equipment in the world.

24/7 Support

If you have questions about our services, or if you need emergency support, contact our team.