High Rise Building Fire Safety

High rise building fire safety is extremely important because there's a greater risk involved. There are more challenges when it comes to a fire in a high rise building because it's harder to evacuate the building and get to safety, especially for the higher floors. Plus there's generally less accessibility for the fire department and less control over the fire and smoke movement.

Not to mention, when there's a fire in a multistory building, there are many more lives at risk. There can be a greater chance for a disastrous loss in a high rise building fire because it not only endangers the lives of the people within the building, but it also puts the firemen and people in the surrounding area at risk if the building collapses.

High Rise Building Fire Safety

The fire safety world understands the risk of a high rise building fire, which is why the codes and regulations for these buildings are heavily enforced. After the 2001 attacks, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) decided to launch an effort to strengthen codes and standards for first responders, the built environment, and emergency preparedness.

Afterwards, the NFPA reported that the average fire death rate per 1,000 is lower in high rise buildings compared to buildings with less stories. On top of enforced regulations, there are also more safety features put in high rise building, such as fire sprinkler systems, fire alarms and one-way communication devices to alert everyone in the building when there's an emergency.

Tips for Fire Safety in a High Rise Building

Stay Calm

In any emergency situation, it's important to remember to remain calm. However, the word CALM can also come in handy when there's a fire.

C -- Call 911: make sure someone calls 911 to alert the authorities that there's a fire.

A -- Alert others: let everyone know there's a fire in the building through an announcement or fire alarm.

L -- Listen for instructions: the fire department may give you further instructions via the PA system in your building.

M -- Move to safety: either evacuate the building or take shelter so that you're in a safe spot.


If you plan to evacuate the building, make sure to use the stairs and remember to stay low since heat, smoke and flames rise. High rise buildings are usually designed for fire resistance, especially in the stairwells. So the best thing you can do is make it to the stairs and get out of the building. Also make sure to use the back of your hand before opening any doors to check if they're hot -- that's a huge indicator that the fire is on the other side.

Take Shelter

If you're stuck inside the building and you can't evacuate then you can make a shelter. Take a wet towel or piece of clothing to block the door and vents. Use your phone to call for help or open the window to yell for help. If you're too high up then you can dangle a brightly colored piece of clothing or cloth out the window to signify that you need help.

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