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Inspection Reports

Frontier Fire conducts inspection reports using ScanSeries software made by BuildingReports. BuildingReports is the world leader in inspection reporting and offers the most reliable solution across the globe. Frontier Fire uses their many features in order to inspect fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems to ensure they’re in optimal condition.

ScanSeries is a fully integrated solution built to help inspection professionals prepare and document the essential information found during an inspection. All of the reports can easily be recorded and shared online. Plus we can send and approve necessary repairs, track the progression of the inspector, and ensure our team abides by NFPA codes and standards.

Benefits of ScanSeries

  • User friendly
  • Innovative software
  • Generates instant reports
  • Data is 100% secure
  • Features are cost effective
  • Technology is reliable & intelligent

ScanSeries Features


In order to generate comprehensive reports for portable fire extinguishers and protection equipment, our inspectors use the ExtinguisherScan. This feature also reminds our inspectors when it’s time to service extinguishers that have been moved off the premises for repair services.


For data collection, out team uses the FireScan application. This makes it easier for our inspectors to keep track of all of their findings during and after an inspection. Once the data is documented in the software, it can easily be shared and edited for future use.


To test and record data for water-based fire equipment and fire sprinkler systems, our inspectors use this feature. It can also be used to make graphs that document the pump flow measurements so we can constantly track the data overtime.


When it’s necessary to scan and record data that is related to critical hazards, our team can use the SuppressionScan. This is the best way to track the data for gas detection, kitchen hood inspections, and so much more.

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Frontier Fire can confidently offer inspection services knowing that BuildingReports is fully devoted to making the most trusted and reliable inspection software in the world. If you’re ready to schedule your fire protection system inspection, contact us today. Then after the inspection, you can track and monitor your inspection reports by logging into our secure portal.

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