How to Avoid a Data Center Fire

If you experience a data center fire, your business could go down for a few days or weeks to recover from it. Not to mention, if your data isn't backed up on the cloud or somewhere safe, then you could lose valuable information that's irretrievable.

The best thing you can do to avoid a fire in your data center is to prepare using the right prevention techniques and the proper fire protection equipment.

Data Center Fire Prevention Tips

Follow these fire prevention tips to ensure your data center is safe and protected.

Prohibit Flammable Materials From Entering the Room

In order to reduce the spread of a potential fire in your data center, you should enforce the rule that no flammable materials are allowed in the room. This means anything from cardboard boxes to packaging material, such as plastic, styrofoam, or another flammable substance. Also by keeping your data center clear of these items, you'll be able to isolate and extinguish the fire quickly.

Keep the Room Clean and Organized

Fires can spread rapidly, leaving little time for people to escape. That's why you should make sure your data center is clear of any clutter or unnecessary items. You'll also want to make sure your computers are clean and clear of any dust build-up or debris. Dust is extremely flammable and it can be the sole reason that a fire spreads in your data center.

Get the Right Fire Protection Equipment

Make sure your room has the right equipment to quickly put out a fire without damaging the data center. Frontier Fire is an authorized distributor of ANSUL products, which are designed specifically for data centers and water sensitive rooms.

ANSUL's fire suppression products use clouds and chemicals rather than water to prevent electrical damage. They also offer a full line of fire protection products including fire extinguishers, fire detection systems, and fire suppression devices.

Schedule Regular Inspections

You should schedule regular inspections for your fire protection equipment to ensure they're working in optimal condition. To do this, just call a fire protection company that offers inspection reports. Then a certified inspector will come on an annual, semi-annual, or monthly basis to make sure your system will work properly in your time of need.

Contact Frontier Fire

Frontier Fire is the leader in fire protection. We can make sure you're fully protected and prepared when it comes to a data center fire. Plus we have the proper equipment to keep your data center safe and protected against further damages if a fire occurs.

Give us a call when you're ready to take your fire protection system to the next level.