fire extinguisher residue

Fire Extinguisher Residue Clean Up Process

If you've experienced a fire, I'm sure the last thing you're thinking about is how to clean up the fire extinguisher residue. However, the clean up process can be very particular depending on which kind of fire extinguisher you use. Fire extinguishers can be compared to cars in the sense…
fire sprinkler corrosion

How to Avoid Fire Sprinkler Corrosion

Fire sprinkler corrosion is a common problem for both wet and dry pipe sprinkler systems. Corrosion occurs when oxygen gets into the system's pipes and reacts with the metal of the pipe and water. It's able to thrive in both wet and dry systems because they systems are never 100%…

Frontier Fire Now Uses ScanSeries by BuildingReports

Frontier Fire now uses ScanSeries, made by BuildingReports, to test and inspect fire alarm and sprinkler systems! BuildingReports is the most trusted inspection solution in the industry, and the leader in web-based inspection reporting! ScanSeries is an all-in-one system that ensures our inspectors are prepared and properly document everything during…