Why You Can't Go Wrong Installing a Commercial Fire Sprinkler System

Each year thousands of fires in commercial properties like office buildings, retailers, or restaurants cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. Most of these fires could be prevented with a commercial fire sprinkler system. A commercial fire sprinkler system protects everyone within your business facility -- employees, customers, and you -- as well as your commercial property from catastrophic fire damage.

Frontier Fire provides Colorado businesses and property owners with the peace of mind that comes with having a reliable fire sprinkler system installed in their building. Customers, visitors, and employees appreciate knowing you have their safety and well-being in mind when they visit your property.

Legal Fire Control Requirements

Most municipalities have ordinances requiring businesses to install fire sprinkler systems in commercial properties and adhere to specific regulations. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has a standard for sprinkler system installations referred to as NFPA 13. Fire sprinkler installations must adhere to NFPA 13 requirements. You may need a commercial fire sprinkler system installer to inspect your system to ensure it is compliant with your local fire code.

Avoid Potential Injuries or Fatalities

Commercial properties with fire sprinkler systems can prevent accidental injuries or death. Fire sprinkler systems can help minimize the damage from a property fire and allow people time to evacuate the building. 

Typically it is smoke inhalation -- not the fire itself -- that kills during a building fire. Multistory buildings can send smoke to the floors above the fire resulting in potential casualties. A commercial fire sprinkler system reduces the likelihood of injury or death from a building fire.

Demonstrate Your Company's Commitment to Safety

Business owners want their employees and customers to feel safe at their place of business, and customers want to know you care about their safety and well-being. Installing a fire sprinkler system shows others that you don't just value their business. You value their lives and want to keep them safe while they visit your company.

Avoid Potential Damage

Fires at a commercial property are serious, life-threatening events. The smallest fire can cause a great deal of damage in an office building, restaurant, or shop. Fire sprinkler systems are designed to completely extinguish a fire and limit potential damage. A fire sprinkler system can keep fires controlled until the fire department arrives to manage the blaze.

Fire Protection Systems and Services from Frontier Fire

Frontier Fire provides Colorado businesses and commercial properties with automatic sprinkler systems, smoke detectors, and fire extinguishers -- all professionally installed on your property. Since 1960, Frontier Fire has served Colorado businesses with reliable service, support, and expertise in fire protection systems and maintenance. Call Frontier Fire today at 303-629-0221 to schedule an appointment with a professional installer. We provide quality sales, service, and installation of NFPA 13-compliant fire safety systems. Frontier Fire has provided state-of-the-art fire sprinkler systems, service, and customer support for over 50 years. Call today or contact us online to discuss your fire safety system