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Fire Danger on the Job: Keeping the Office Kitchen Safe

When you think of fire safety for your business, chances are you're thinking about your fire sprinkler system or fire alarms. But have you given any thought to fire safety in the office kitchen? The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) states that over 20 percent of commercial office fires start…
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Fire Safety Laws That All Small Businesses Should Be Following

Small business owners have a legal responsibility to keep employees, clients, and customers safe. Actively developing and following fire safety procedures at your company can help you remain in compliance with local fire safety ordinances.  However, business owners often do not have a thorough understanding of domestic fire safety laws.…
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The 2020 Business Owner's Checklist for Commercial Fire Safety

Ringing in the new year is the perfect time to review your business's policies and procedures and improve them -- including fire safety practices and systems. Ensuring your business has the fire safety protection it needs can help prevent damage or loss and ultimately save lives. The National Fire Protection…