Four Ways a Business Can Fail Its Fire Inspection

Fire departments around the United States perform regular inspections to assess and mitigate potential fire and life-safety hazards in buildings in their jurisdiction. Inspections vary in type and frequency from one city to the next, but there is one constant in the inspection process: the business or property owner wanting…

Does Smoke Set Off My Fire Sprinkler System?

It's easy to take fire sprinklers and fire protection systems for granted, but these devices are complex and amazing pieces of engineering which are far too often misunderstood and potentially misused, to the detriment of those operating near them. One of the most common and potentially problematic misconceptions people have…

Fire Protection for Steel Structures

Our office building is a steel structure, and because steel doesn't burn I shouldn't have to worry about fire protection, right? That's a common misconception. Damage can definitely be done to steel structures and the extent of damage depends on the size and temperature of the fire. It is always…