Top 5 Reasons for Fire Sprinkler System Deficiencies

When it comes to preventing a potentially devastating, dangerous fire, fire sprinklers are the most dependable option. In NFPA's most recent US Experience with Sprinklers report, many statistics were compiled to prove the efficiency and reliability of these systems. It was found that compared to properties without sprinkler systems, properties…
cannabis extraction systems

Cannabis Extraction Systems

As a Denver based business, we live in a state where cannabis is legal and a booming industry. Frontier Fire is proud to offer cutting-edge fire protection services to the growing number of cannabis businesses in the Denver Metro Area and throughout the Front Range. The main services we can…

An Overview of the U.S. Fire Problem

This year, The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) produced many reports that explore fire related issues in the United States, releasing the most recent fire related statistics. These statistics provide evidence that fires are still a major hazard today. This blog provides an overview on the research that NFPA has…