What Causes Your Denver Fire Sprinkler to Fail?

There are many reasons that could cause your fire sprinkler to fail. Because we specialize in Denver fire sprinkler systems, we can help you avoid the common pitfalls, which could lead to a failed system.

Colorado is a state that experiences all four seasons, and sometimes to the extreme. Whether it's below freezing temperatures in the winter or hotter than usual summers, we see it all -- and so does your fire sprinkler system. That's why it's important to know what could cause your fire sprinkler system to fail in the Denver area and throughout the region.

Common Problems That Could Cause Your Fire Sprinkler to Fail


Because fire sprinkler systems are activated by heat, the temperature of your building can have a significant impact on the performance of your fire sprinkler. You should take into account how hot your building will get in the warmer months so you know what temperature your fire sprinkler system should activate at.


Everyone in Colorado knows about the horrors of a frozen pipe. Whether it's in your home or business, you'll want to use precautionary measures to ensure your pipes don't freeze in the winter. If the water in your fire sprinkler system freezes, then it can cause the pipes to expand, crack, burst, or leak once the system is no longer frozen. The best way to avoid frozen pipes is to maintain drum drips on your dry system, have your antifreeze levels checked on an annual basis, and make sure you heat or heaters are turned on in the winter months.


Corrosion is a serious problem that can have a huge impact on the functionality of your fire sprinkler. Because corrosion can cause damage, leaks, and blockages, it's important to know how to prevent this from happening to your system. To fully understand how to avoid corrosion, check out this How to Avoid Fire Sprinkler Corrosion blog.

Improper Installation

If your fire sprinkler system is installed incorrectly or it's not properly maintained, then there could be some major mechanical problems. The best way to avoid this problem is to hire a high quality and certified fire protection company to install and maintain your system and devices.

Avoid Inspections

Regular inspections should be conducted by an experienced fire protection professional to make sure your system is in optimal condition. During the inspection, the technician will use a fire sprinkler checklist to ensure everything is up to code and meets the rules and regulations for your area.

Other Issues

It's important to remember that your fire protection devices are put in place to extinguish fires and safeguard your building. So make sure to keep them clean and in the best condition. This means you should never paint them, hang things from them, or allow dust and debris to build up on them.

Don't Let Your Denver Fire Sprinkler Fail

Frontier Fire has worked with many companies throughout the Denver area. We also have offices located throughout Colorado and Utah, extending our service and operation area. We can help you to ensure your fire sprinkler system is properly working and it meets all of the requirements and regulations put in place based on your location.

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