Types of Fire Detectors

There are four main types of fire detectors that can help you protect your building. Once you know the difference between the detectors, you'll be able to decide which one is right for your office or building.

The main difference between the four fire detectors is whether they detect heat or smoke. Overall, the best choice would be to buy an ionization and photoelectric detector. However, that could vary depending on what type of building you have.

Main Types of Fire Detectors

Heat Detector

Heat detectors are generally used in storage closets, warehouses or other rooms that aren't frequently occupied. They will alert you when there's a rise in the room temperature or if there's a significant amount of heat in the room. The issue with heat detectors is they take a little longer to detect a fire than smoke detectors. However, they have fewer false alarms because they don't go off when there's steam, dust, humidity or precipitation.

Ionization Smoke Detector

Ionization smoke detectors are usually found in commercial kitchens and restaurants. They activate when there's smoke present in the air. The detector has two metal plates inside, which have a constant electric current that flows back and forth. Once smoke enters the chamber, the current will no longer flow and the alarm will sound.

Photoelectric Smoke Detector

Photoelectric detectors are great for detecting small fires. They are similar to ionization detectors, but instead of using an electric current, they use a beam of light to detect smoke. When smoke enters the chamber on the photoelectric detector, then it will interfere with the light and the alarm will go off.

Ionization and Photoelectric Smoke Detector

A smoke detector that senses both ionization and photoelectric smoke is the best way to arm your building. This detector combines both the ionization and photoelectric detectors to work as one unit. When there's smoke in the air, it will disrupt both the beam of light and electric current, which will cause the alarm to sound. The best thing about this detector is it works as a 2-in-1 system, however it won't be able to detect heat.

Protect Your Building

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