100 Firefighters Battled a Salt Lake City Fire - How to Respond to a Fire in the Workplace

After there was a huge Salt Lake City fire, Frontier Fire decided to highlight how important it is to know how to respond to a fire in the workplace. It took 100 firefighters to battle the recent fire in Salt Lake City at Rio's Auto Recycling. It was reported that there were multiple explosions and the flames from the fire sparked a large grass fire.

The fire department said the fire was likely started when workers were cutting pallets near a large pile of sawdust. A small spark must have been produced and it set the sawdust pile on fire. However, accidents do happen and fire officials say they have no reason to believe the employees did anything against standard protocol.

When there's a fire in the workplace, it can be alarming and sometimes people don't know how to react. Fires can be significantly more dangerous if employees don't know how to respond or haven't had clear training or instruction. That's why it's so important that every employee knows how to respond if a fire occurs.

How to Respond to a Fire in the Workplace

Step 1: Pull the Alarm

If you discover a fire and the alarms haven't gone off, then the first thing you should do is pull the fire alarm to alert the rest of the building. Even a small spark can break out into a full blown fire within seconds. That's why it's vital to quickly warn the other occupants to get out of the building right away.

Step 2: Call the Fire Department

The second immediate step is to call the fire department to let them know there's a fire. Give them the name, address, and zip code of the building, as well as any other information regarding the fire size, type, and location.

Step 3: Evacuate the Building

Calmly, yet promptly, evacuate the building when there's a fire. Don't delay the evacuation to grab personal belongings. However, you should turn off any hazardous machinery before exiting. Also be sure to only use the stairs to exit the building. If you use an elevator, it could get stuck, leaving you trapped in the building.

There should be exit signs illuminated throughout the building to let you know where the closest exit is. If you have to go through any doors, put the back of your hand to the door before you enter to feel if it's warm. If the door is warm or hot, it's an indicator that the fire is on the other side of that door.

As you exit the building, make sure to close any doors behind to prevent the fire from spreading and reduce the level of oxygen in each room, which could fuel the fire even more. If there's smoke in the room and you're trying to exit, then crawl on the ground rather than walk to the door. The air will be cleaner when you're closer to the ground.

Step 3.5: What to Do If You're Trapped in the Building

If you're trapped in the building, then the first thing to do is check the windows. If you're on the first floor or close to the ground, then the window would be the best way to escape. If you're too high up, you should call for help or call 911.

While you wait for help, block off the room you're in from any smoke or flames. The best way to do this it to put a piece of clothing, towels, or other materials in front of any openings, such as the gap under the door.

Step 4: Meet at an Assembly Point

One of the most important fire evacuation steps is to meet up at an assembly point. This should be a safe place that's far away from the building. Once you're there, a headcount should be conducted in order to find out who is still in the building. However, it's important to keep in mind that you should not re-enter the building for any reason. The fire department will let you know when it's safe to go back in.

Step 5: Ensure Your Fire Protection Equipment Works

After the fire has been completely extinguished and it's safe to enter the building, you will want to look into the damages and fire protection equipment. It's important to make sure your fire alarms, fire sprinklers, and other defense mechanisms are fully in tact and able to work in the case of another fire.

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