Use One of the Top Notifier Fire Alarm Distributors

Are you looking for the top Notifier fire alarm distributors in your area? Then look no further -- Frontier Fire is now an authorized distributor of Notifier fire detection and alarm systems.

Notifier by Honeywell is known for having high quality, flexible and durable equipment. That's why if you use Notifier, you can have complete confidence in your fire protection system and the distribution company. In order to make sure every Notifier system is properly installed and maintained, all the ESDs (Engineered Systems Distributors) go through an extensive training and have access to technical support.

Now that Frontier Fire is a distributor of Notifier, we want to share all of their products and the advantages of choosing this fire alarm and detection system.

Notifier Products

Control Panels

All of the Notifier control panels work to protect commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. The control panel monitors your system and receives information once your other devices detect and report a fire.

Voice Communication Systems

A voice communication system will help firefighters communicate what to do during an emergency situation. They also work to assist disabled or mobily impaired people so they can safely get out of the building and connect with refuge areas.

Fire Alarm Peripheral Devices/Intelligent Devices

Use high quality fire alarm peripheral and intelligent devices to better detect a fire or other emergency. This includes heat detectors, flame detectors, pull stations, waterflow detectors, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and more. ?

Emergency Radio Communication Enhancement Systems

Meet all of the public safety frequency band ranges with the emergency radio communication enhancement systems. They provide a reliable two-way radio signal that works inside buildings, tunnels and structures. They can even work in the most challenging RF environments.

Notification Appliances

The notification appliances will use audible or visual alerts to let building occupants know when there's a fire or emergency situation in the building. These alerts can include anything from strobes and flashing lights to horns, chimes and bells.


Use wireless detectors, modules, pull stations and more. This allows more flexibility when it comes to the installation and design of your fire protection devices and system.

Aspirating Smoke Detection

An aspirating smoke detection system can generally detect smoke before the naked eye is able to see it. This system consists of a central detection unit that will draw in air through a network of pipes in order to detect smoke.

Flame and Gas Detection

Get the best industrial and commercial gas and flame detectors. These devices will efficiently detect when there is a flame or gas in your building through top of the line technology.

Explosion Proof Devices

All of the explosion proof devices offered by Notifier are corrosion resistant and can withstand explosive and harsh environmental conditions. These devices can include horns, strobes, speakers, call points, bells or a combination of units.

Network and Integration

Software solutions and integration and network systems will help alert you quickly when there's an emergency situation. They will also help you stay connected and less at risk.

Annunciators + Communicators

Annunciators work to locate malfunctioning devices or emergencies within your building. They will let you know exactly which devices is going off or where there's an issue. Then the communicators have cellular reporting capabilities. They can connect directly to the primary and/or secondary communication ports in your fire panel's DACT (Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter).

Power Supplies and Batteries

Power supplies and batteries will keep your system up and running for longer period of time. These devices can provide backup power to your control panels or charge your batteries in your time of need.

Contact One of the Top Notifier Fire Alarm Distributors

Frontier Fire is one of the best Notifier fire alarm distributors because we are an experienced and technologically advanced fire protection company. We are currently a trusted distributor of Honeywell products, including Ansul, Autocall and now Notifier. Plus we can offer a complete set of services from the design and installation through the testing, maintenance and repair.

If you're ready for top of the line fire protection, give us a call today!