The Importance of Fire Prevention Month

Every business owner should know about the importance of fire prevention month. Now that it's October, it's officially National Fire Prevention Month, which means public service departments nationwide are working to spread the word about fire protection.

This is an important time for business owners because it gives them the chance to learn about fire safety and ensure their building is fully prepared for a fire. In this blog, we will further explain why it's important to utilize the lessons learned during fire prevention month and how to implement them into your company's fire protection strategy.

The Importance of Fire Prevention Month for Your Business

The importance of fire prevention month is to let business owners know that they need to take fire protection seriously. That's why fire prevention month is a great time to go over your company's fire prevention and fire safety process. The NFPA recommends that you check all of your fire protection measures and make sure everything is working in optimal condition. The two main points to focus on are fire safety and fire prevention for your building.

Fire Prevention Month Lessons

Fire Safety: Emergency Response

When you create a fire safety procedure and emergency response plan, you should think about what your building occupants might need. The best way to make sure your building occupants are knowledgeable is to see if they can answer the following questions:

  • What is a fire hazard?
  • When should I evacuate the building?
  • What is the evacuation plan?
  • Where are the emergency exits?
  • Where are the fire extinguishers?
  • What equipment needs to turned on/off during a fire?

If the people in your building can't answer these questions, then you should create a new fire safety plan for them to follow.

Fire Prevention: Inspect & Test

Many companies have to shut down after a fire due to costly repairs and damages. That's why you should make sure your building has the right fire protection equipment to stop a fire before it has the chance to spread.

You should schedule regular inspections and tests with a certified fire protection company to make sure your building is equipped to prevent fires. During an inspection, the fire protection technician will make sure your equipment doesn't have any damages that could cause them to malfunction -- this could range from dust and debris to expired batteries and parts.

Now that it's Fire Prevention Month, you should contact your trusted fire protection provider to make sure your equipment is up to par.

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