Home Fire Sprinkler Maintenance Tips

Home fire sprinkler maintenance is necessary because it will ensure your home is safe and fully protected against a fire. Just by having fire sprinklers in your home, you can increase your chances of surviving a fire by over 82 percent. This is because fire sprinklers work to keep the fire small so it doesn't have the chance to spread.

In this blog, Frontier Fire will highlight the top fire sprinkler maintenance tips for your home. This will help you better understand how to keep your fire sprinkler system up to date and working in optimal condition -- because it's important to invest in your life saving devices.

Home Fire Sprinkler Maintenance Tips

Don't Block the Fire Sprinkler

Make sure to never paint over your fire sprinklers or block the heads with furniture or decorative pieces. This will not only block the water from flowing, but it could also interfere with the heat sensor or deflector. It's also important to make sure there is no dust build up or debris on the sprinklers. You should keep them as clean as possible so they can effectively work if there's a fire.

Keep the Control Valves Open

It's extremely important to keep the control valves open at all times. The control valves work to control the water flow for your automatic fire sprinkler. Therefore, it's vital that they remain open so the water can flow to the sprinklers. It's beneficial to keep the instructions on how to do this in your house. Also you should conduct a flow test about once a year to make sure everything is working.

Schedule Maintenance Services

For any repair, inspection, installation or fire protection services, you should call a certified professional. You should also schedule regular maintenance services for the fire protection technician to come out and make sure your system is in good shape. It helps to find a local fire protection company that can work with you and maintain your system.

Get a Fire Sprinkler System

Frontier Fire offers top of the line home fire sprinkler maintenance services. We now provide both commercial and residential services, so we can help you fully protect your home and building. If you're in need of our services, don't hesitate to give us a call. Plus we offer 24/7 emergency services, in case there's an urgent situation.