Holiday Fire Safety Tips for the Office

Holiday fire safety is a huge concern during the month of December. Many people like to decorate their office with festive lights, candles and ornaments. However, this can put the office at risk for fires and other safety issues.

So if you plan to decorate your workplace this month, then you should check out our top holiday fire safety tips below. These tips will help you enjoy a festive, fire-free holiday this year and for years to come. Not to mention, you can use these workplace fire safety tips to ensure your home is at less of a risk as well.

Holiday Fire Safety Tips

Decoration Safety Tips

Use Candle Alternatives

Instead of using real candles and risking the chance of a fire in your office, it's smart to use alternative decorative methods. Rather than a flame, you can use LED candles that are battery powered. They look just as great and are a lot safer for the home and office.

Choose Flame Resistant Decorations

Flame retardant or resistant decorations are a much better and safer choice. Just make sure to keep them 12 inches away (or further) from any heat source, candle or flame.

Replace Broken or Missing Bulbs

Before you hang your lights, make sure there are no broken or missing bulbs. If there are broken or missing bulbs, then you should replace them before your plug in and hang the lights. Also make sure to always unplug the lights when you aren't in the office.

Christmas Tree Safety Tips

Find a Healthy Tree

If you decide to decorate with a tree in your office, make sure to pick one that has healthy, fresh needles. The needles shouldn't fall off when you touch them and they should be lush and green rather than brown. A great alternative, with less risk and less mess is a fake tree.

Place the Tree in a Safe Spot

It's important to strategically place the tree so that it's not near a lamp, radiator or other heat source. Also make sure to water the tree often to generate moisture and keep it fresh.

Properly Dispose of the Tree?

Once the holiday season is over, you should either recycle or throw out the tree. It's important to properly discard of the tree because once it dries out, it will become extremely flammable.

Protect Your Building

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