Frontier Fire Now Offers Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems

Frontier Fire now offers the installation of residential fire sprinkler systems for single family homes. We’re pleased to announce our new line of service. Our team decided to expand into the residential industry to help protect both homes and buildings from fire damage and devastating losses.

In this blog, we will explain why residential fire sprinklers are essential. we’ll also list the top facts that you should know about residential fire sprinkler systems. This will help you better understand why our company is so proud to expand our service into this industry.

Why Residential Fire Sprinklers Are Important

It’s important to protect both your house and loved ones with a fire sprinkler system. Fire sprinklers were invented to save lives and reduce the risk of injury during a fire. Their main goal is to suppress the fire before it has the chance to spread. Most fire sprinklers can even put out the fire before the fire department makes it to the house.

A well designed fire sprinkler system will be able to put out a fire quickly, causing little damage to the rest of the house. Because a large part of fire damage is the cost to repair the home and lost belongings, it’s important to lower your risk and invest in a quality fire protection system.

Facts About Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems

  • About 85 percent of fire deaths in the US occur is a house
  • Residential fire sprinklers can extinguish a fire in less than 1.5 minutes (that’s much faster than it would take a fire department to arrive)
  • Most of the time, the fire sprinkler closest to the fire is the only one that will activate
  • When a home has fire sprinklers, the risk of dying will lower by roughly 80 percent and the amount of property loss (due to a fire) will lower by roughly 70 percent
  • On average, home fire sprinklers cost about $1.35 per square foot of sprinklered space

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