Frontier Fire Acquires ABC Fire Protection

Frontier Fire is pleased to announce that we have acquired ABC Fire Protection, a Denver based fire protection company.

"This acquisition was made official in August 2018 and will benefit our customers, new and old, moving forward with all fire life safety service and installation," said Greg Londo, CEO of Frontier Fire. "The acquisition will help expand Frontier Fire's geographic reach and capacity to take on all fire sprinkler and alarm jobs in Colorado and Utah. We are excited to continue to service and install all fire life safety systems in the Rocky Mountain Region."

About ABC Fire Protection

ABC Fire Protection specializes in the design, installation, and maintenance of fire suppression systems. With over 25 years of experience, ABC Fire Protection is an expert in the installation of fire sprinkler systems in office buildings, schools, living centers, hospitals, apartment buildings, condominiums, and more. Their expertise also includes tenant finishes, inspections, and services for fire sprinkler systems.

About Frontier Fire

Since 1960, Frontier Fire has been the leader in fire sprinkler installation and maintenance services. We also offer the best in fire alarm system installation and maintenance services, making us one of the few companies in the area that's qualified to build comprehensive safety systems.

As Frontier Fire continues to grow as a company, we have opened three new offices in Colorado (Rifle, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs) and expanded into Utah opening an office in Salt Lake City all within the last year. Frontier Fire has the capacity to take on all new builds in Colorado and Utah and we are excited to service the Rocky Mountain Region.

About the Acquisition

This acquisition will strengthen our offerings as we continue to grow as the leader in fire protection. This acquisition will support Frontier Fire's geographic expansion, increase our workforce, and offer you the best in fire protection services in the Rocky Mountain Region.

As a result of this acquisition, we look forward to further serving you with the best fire protection services. Our trusted services paired with both Frontier Fire and ABC Fire Protection's experience will allow us to offer a deeper understanding and skill set when it comes to your fire safety needs.

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