Fire Sprinkler Inspection Checklist

It's vital to schedule a fire sprinkler inspection on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis to confirm your system is up to code and working properly. These inspections must be conducted by a fire safety professional who is certified and knowledgeable on the subject matter.

If you are unsure of what needs to be inspected during the quarterly, semi-annual, or annual fire sprinkler inspection, then check out our list below. This list is applicable to both wet and dry-pipe sprinkler systems. You can find more about what equipment needs inspected or tested and how often by reviewing the National Fire Protection Association's (NFPA) list of NFPA codes & standards.

The quarterly inspection below covers everything that you will need during a monthly and bi-monthly inspection and additional inspections that should be conducted every 3-7 months. The annual inspection below can also incorporate everything required during the quarterly inspection to ensure everything is running properly.

Quarterly Inspection Checklist:

[ ] Valves:

  • Easily accessible
  • In good condition, no physical damage
  • Positioned in a normal open or closed state
  • Sealed, locked, or supervised correctly
  • No external or internal leaks
  • No leaks from the retarding chamber or alarm drain
  • Properly labeled

[ ] Wet System Gauges:

  • In good condition, no physical damage
  • Normal water supply pressure is properly maintained
  • *Should be inspected monthly as well

[ ] Dry System Gauges:

  • In good condition, no physical damage
  • Normal water supply pressure is properly maintained
  • *Gauges on low air or nitrogen pressure alarms must be inspected monthly

[ ] Waterflow and Supervisory Alarm:

  • In good condition, no physical damage
  • Waterflow alarm is properly functioning

[ ] Hydraulic Sprinkler System

  • Ensure hydraulic nameplate is attached and visible

[ ] Fire Department Connections

  • Ensure connections are visible with no damage
  • Ensure gaskets and valves aren't leaking or broken

[ ] Pressure-Reducing Valves & Relief Valves:

  • In good condition, no physical damage
  • No leaks
  • Hand-wheels are installed and not broken
  • In an open position
  • Maintains downstream pressure in accordance with design

Annual Inspection Checklist:

[ ] Quarterly Checklist:

  • Include everything from the quarterly inspection checklist

[ ] Sprinkler Heads:

  • Check all sprinkler heads
  • Check pipes and fittings on the floor level
  • Ensure there are spare sprinkler heads
  • Ensure there are tools onsite for sprinkler head replacement

[ ] Dry Pipe Valves:

  • Inspect the interior while resetting the device, if applicable

[ ] Main Drain Waterflow:

  • Test main drain waterflow
  • Check for changes in the water supply piping condition

Schedule Your Fire Sprinkler Inspection

Give us a call at Frontier Fire Protection to schedule your quarterly and annual fire sprinkler inspection. As the leader in fire sprinkler installation and maintenance services, we will ensure your sprinkler system is running efficiently and continues to protect you and your building. We can also offer other inspection services including fire alarm and backflow prevention systems.