Emergency Evacuation Procedure Tips for Businesses

It's mandatory for businesses to have a systematic response process in place for emergency situations. However, it's not enough to just write down a procedure.

Every employee in your building needs to know the emergency plan like the back of their hand in order to ensure safety. Here are some tips for planning the best emergency evacuation procedure for your business.

What is an Emergency Evacuation Procedure?

This may seem like common sense, but there is a lot that goes into an emergency evacuation procedure, and you can't plan an effective one if you don't know exactly what it is.

They are made to facilitate and organize employers and employees during an evacuation in the workplace. They should include escape routes, procedures, a chain of command, a list of responsibilities, and should account for all employees.

An unorganized emergency evacuation procedure can be more dangerous than the emergency itself.

Staff Safety Training

It is a good idea to get training for the people that are going to be in charge of the emergency evacuation procedure. Training these individuals will help them to create a better plan and know how to make quick decisions in a time of emergency. It will also help them to remain calm and professional, which is important when trying to evacuate.

Clear Authority

It is good to designate specific people to be in charge during an emergency evacuation procedure. This allows all employees to know who to go to if they have questions or concerns about the situation. Having specific people in charge helps to keep things more organized and less chaotic.

Evacuation Drills

It doesn't matter how good your emergency evacuation plan is if no one has practiced it. It is important to have regular drills so that the employees can practice evacuating in a quick, calm manner. This also helps them to get familiar with the escape routes they will take as well as what areas to avoid during emergencies, Preparation will also help to keep employees more calm in the event of a real emergency.

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