Common Household Items That are Highly Flammable

Though it is common knowledge that certain items in your home (stove, chimney) are more likely to be the source of a fire, there are actually quite a few unknown household items that are highly flammable. Fire safety is important and it's always good to be informed about these items so that you take extra caution when dealing with them.

Here are some flammable household items that you may be overlooking when assessing fire threats. we'll list them according to the room of the home in which they are commonly found.

Highly Flammable Household Items By Room


Any disinfectant sprays, drain cleaners, and aerosol cans are very flammable household items.

Aerosol cans also have the potential to be explosive. There are gases inside these items that contain a lot of pressure. When the gas it heated up, it then expands and increases the pressure buildup which can cause an explosion.

If dish detergent catches fire, it can let out toxic gases in the home.


The bathroom is the place for all personal items and toiletries. Things like nail polish and polish remover contain acetone, which is flammable.

Any aerosol cans in the bathroom are flammable as well such as hairspray, sunscreen, and bathroom cleaners.

Bathroom items that contain alcohol such as rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizer are also flammable household items. Don't use any of these items while smoking or while close to a lit candle.

Laundry Room

The laundry room can be a more dangerous area because of the fact that there are dryers and water heaters present inside. In addition to this, all of the stain removers, detergents, and bleach that contains alcohol are flammable. If caught on fire, these items can also let out toxic gases.

It is best to store laundry products away from heat sources. Also make sure to clean out the lint filter in your dryer because if it builds up too much, it can be highly flammable.


Garages are places to store all of the extra belongings that you don't want to put in your home. Because of the amount of flammable household items your probably have stored in your garage, it's best to store them in storage cabinets, especially during the hot summer months.

Don't place any items near water heaters or furnaces. Some flammable household items that could be in your garage include gasoline, antifreeze, pesticides, paints, thinners, and lighter fluids.

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