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Commercial Fire Sprinkler Tax Incentive [2020] in Denver, CO

Recent law changes have created tax incentives for retrofitting or upgrading fire sprinkler systems in commercial buildings. The new law may allow you to fully expense the cost to update, expand, or install a completely new fire sprinkler system in your building. The purpose of these tax incentives is twofold:…

Drum Drips: Fire Sprinkler Winter Maintenance

Around this time of year when things start to cool off - it's especially important to make sure your drum drips (and the rest of your fire sprinkler system) are properly maintained. Whether you’re in Denver or anywhere else it gets close to freezing, cold weather can cause damage &…
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FARS: What is it and is it required?

FARS has been around for more than 10 years, but, like many technological innovations, it is only now beginning to be more widely known - and even required in some buildings’ fire protection systems. If FARS isn’t already required in your area, it may be soon, so you should have…