24/7 Emergency Services

Emergency response is a critical part of our job. When a crisis strikes, you can count on us to show up 24/7 and provide a prompt solution. With a 2 hour response time in the Denver Metro Area and service offered to large and small scale commercial and residential locations, we ensure quickness and efficiency. We also offer in house fabrication in order to meet the quality needs of our clients.

We have an experienced, trained team ready to take on any of your fire sprinkler or fire alarm system emergencies.

Denver-Area and State Licensed Sprinkler Fitters and Licensed Backflow Technicians with over 70 years of experience are available to assist in any Fire Sprinkler System emergencies. These emergencies include: water flowing, fire system discharge, fire department dispatched, low air supervisory alarms, running air compressor or fire pump issues, frozen drum drips, frozen fire sprinkler pipes, dry system trips, and pinhole leaks.

Our team is also composed of NICET and Denver-Area Certified Alarm Technicians with over 60 total years of experience. These technicians are available to relieve any fire alarm system emergencies including: trouble on alarm panel, communications failure, and trouble silencing smoke detector.

24/7 Support

If you have questions about our services, or if you need emergency support, contact our team.